Library Details
1. Year of Establishment 2009-2010
2. Total Area of Library2683
3. Total Number of books 2934
4. Number of Text Books 2687
5. Number of Reference Books105
6. Number of Handbooks142
7. Number of Projects 45
8.Number of Digital CDs 52
9. Number of Cost of Books Rs.75,92,539/-
10.Total Cost of New Added Books Year 2017-2018 Rs.2,75,224/-
11. Number of Periodicals 10+
12. Number of News papers 05
13. Total Issue & return Book Statistic Year 2016-2017  15552
14. Total Members(Student ,Staff,Other Reader)296
Facilities & Services
Library Automation using Library Management Software in Progress
Reading Room
Reference Service
Internet Service
Open Access Service
Current Awareness Service
Paper Cliping  Service
Spacious and Independent reading Halls for Boys and Girls
2014-15 Government Institute of Forensic Science-Aurangabad

Contact Us:-Government Institute Of Science Campus,Nipat Niranjan Nager ,Caves Road ,Aurangabad-431004
Telefax & Telephone No.02400219