Vision and Mission

    Vision Statement:

    • To contribute to Indian and global criminal justice system, industry and society being a fountainhead through excellent ideas and innovations in forensic education and research.

    Mission Statements:

    • To impart quality education as per the needs of its stake-holders and society through excellence and innovation in teaching-learning and research process.
    • To inculcate the highest value, ethics, professionalism and scientific aptitude among the students and faculty members.
    • To generate quality human resources providing an environment conductive of innovation, creativity, team-work, leadership and entrepreneurship.
    • To undertake collaborative framework to interact and share ideas among academia, industries and other stake-holders.
2017-18 Government Institute of Forensic Science-Aurangabad

Government Institute Of Science Campus, Nipat Niranjan Nager, Caves Road, Aurangabad-431004
Telefax & Telephone No.02400219