6.3.3 Percentage of teaching and non-teaching staff participating in Faculty development Programmes (FDP), professional development /administrative training programs during the last five years

S. No.DocumentLink
1Event Brochure and Report: 
1AWorkshop Brochure and Report_2017-18View
1BWorkshop Brochure and Report_2018-19View
1CWorkshop Brochure and Report_2019-20View
1DWorkshop Brochure and Report_2021-22View
2E-Copy of Certificates of Teaching and Non-Teaching staff: 
2AList of Certificates_Teaching Staff_2017-18View
2BList of Certificates_Non-Teaching Staff_2017-18View
2CList of Certificates_Teaching Staff_2018-19View
2DList of Certificates_Non-Teaching Staff_2018-19View
2EList of Certificates_Teaching Staff_2019-20View
2FList of Certificates_Non-Teaching Staff_2019-20View
2GList of Certificates_Teaching Staff_2020-21View
2HList of Certificates_Teaching Staff_2021-22View
2IList of Certificates_Non-Teaching Staff_2021-22View
3Consolidated list of participating Teaching and Non-Teaching staffView
4Annual Reports: 
4AAnnual Report_2017-18View
4BAnnual Report_2018-19View
4CAnnual Report_2019-20View
4DAnnual Report_2020-21View
4EAnnual Report_2021-22View