3.2.1: Number of workshops/seminars/conferences including on Research Methodology, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and entrepreneurship conducted during the last five year

Brochure/Photographs of the event

2017-18Brochure/photographs of the eventView Document

Detailed Report of the Program

YearName of the workshop/ seminarNumber of ParticipantsDate From – ToLink to the Activity report on the website
2017-18hands-on training in ms word, excel, typing master, and Gmail1824/12/2017         View
2018-19GeM and E-tenders1817/12/2018View
2018-19Secure use of online banking302/12/2019View
2019-20Two Days Workshop on “Investigative Techniques in Computer Related Crimes”5016/07/2019 to 17/07/2019View
2019-20One Day workshop on “Cyber Awareness and IT Act 2000″18527/11/2019View
2020-21One Day National Webinar on “Patent and Patent Filing Procedure in India”16812/8/2020View
2020-21Fingerprint Science53913/02/2021View
2020-21One Day State Level workshop on “Forensic Science for Legal Professionals”10029/02/2020View
2020-21Rise of Raman Spectroscopy in Forensic Science10246/2/2021View
2020-21Current and Future trends in digital forensics13007/7/2020View
2020-21Applied Sciences and case studies and Outlook64324/08/2020View
2020-21Anthropology in forensic research and casework13689/9/2020View
2020-21Data Science in Forensic52412/9/2020View
2020-21Need of R and D in Digital Forensic51020/03/2021View
2020-21Forensic Toxicology10026/3/2021View
2021-22crime investigation through geographical offender profile406/10/2021View
2021-22Entrepreneurship in Forensic: Opportunities and Challenges104614/06/2021View
2021-22Artificial Intelligence and its Application in Forensics200025/07/2021View
2021-22Secure use of  digital currency2022/11/2021View