Associate Professor (MES-I)

M. Sc, M. Phil, Ph. D., NET, JRF, B. Ed.

Department of Forensic Chemistry,

Cell No. 9422552449, 9657516391


Name : Dr.Digambar DharmaGaikwad
Date of Birth : 4th April 1972
Nationality : Indian
Marital Status : Married
Gender : Male
Languages Known : English, Hindi and Marathi
Teaching experience : 15-Onward Years
Research experience : 12 Years
To work in an esteemed organization with the desire of level against my skills in a challenging and fast paced environment. Seeking challenging position that utilizes my knowledge and abilities.
Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Synthesis of Natural products,
Heterocyclic Chemistry, Polymer Synthesis and Reterosynthesis.
 The handling skill of 1H-NMR, IR, UVetc.
 Carried out various reactions, including functional grouptransformations and various C-C bond forming.
 Scaling up of reaction from milligrams to grams scale.
 Ability to work independently as well as in groups.
 Expertise in modern spectroscopy techniques and chromatographic techniques and interpretation of spectral data such as 1H-NMR,13CMR, IR, MASS, HPLC, GC-MASS etc.
 Carried out multistep organic synthesis.
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2. A Text Book Of Chemistry, 2014, ISBN NO. 978-81- 905776-101-5,NABH PRAKASHAN
1. Regional Workshop on National Service Scheme, Organized by Dr.BabasahebAmbedkarMarthwada University, Aurangabad date:-03/09/2015
2. Regional Workshop on Analytical Chemistry Teachers and Research Association, Dr. RafiqZakaria College for Women, Aurangabad, date:-30/08/2015
3. 100thIndian Science Congress held in Kolkata University,Kolkata from January 3 to7, 2013.
4. 99th Indian Science Congress held in KIIT University, Bhubaneshvar,Odessa from January 3 to7, 2012.
5. 98th Indian Science Congress held in SRM University,Kattankulathur, Tamil Nadu from January 3 to7, 2011.
6. International Conference on “Hetrocyclic Chemistry”, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. 16 th Dec 2006.
7. International Conference on “Drug Discovery and Nanotechnology”,Dept. of Chemistry, YeshwantMahavidayalay, Nanded. 27th Jan.2008.
8. International Conference on “Emerging trends in Chemistry”, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Pune, Pune. 5thJan 2010.
9. National Cnference on “Drug designing and Synthesis” Dept. of Chemistry, Dr.Ambedkar College, Nagpur, 19th Jan.2007.
10. National Conference on “Role of Green Chemistry in the emerging ares of applied Sciences” Dept. of Chemistry, Shrikrishan,Mahavidayalaya, Gunjoti (Maharashtra). 6th jan.2007.
11. National Conference on “Green chemistry and its Perspective, Dept.of Chemistry, SantGadgeBabaAmravatiUniversity, Amravati. 11thfeb 2008.
12. National Conference on “Recent trends in Chemical sciences” Dept. of Chemistry, SBES college of Sciences, Aurangabad, 1st Feb. 2008.
13. National Conference on “Recent Advancements in Studies of Metal Complexes” Dept. of Chemistry, SciencesCollege, Nanded, 15th March 2008.
14. National Conference on “PresentScenario of Environmental Pollution and its Effect on Living Organisms” Dept. of Zoology,Govt.College of Arts & Science, Aurangabad, 9thDec. 2009.
15. State level Conference on “Recent Advance in Green Chemistry” Dept. of Chemistry, VaidayanathCollege, Parli-V, 12thFeb. 2010.
16. National Level Seminar on “Teaching Chemistry what do we aim for” Dept. of Chemistry, NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose College Nanded,29th March 2007.
17. National Level Seminar on “Advances in Pollution Control Technology” organized by Department of Env. Sci., Dr. BAMU,Aurangabad during 26th& 27th February 2008.
18. National Level Seminar on “Recent Research trends in Chemistry” Dept. of Chemistry, MilindCollege of science, Aurangabad, 15th Feb.2008.
19. National Level Seminar on “Recent Advance in Chemical Kinetics Co-ordination and Nanochemistry,” Dept. of Chemistry, RajarshiShahuMahavidyalayaLatur, 23thJan.2009.
20. State Level Seminar on “Counselling for happyliving”Govtcollege of Arts and Sciences, Aurangabad, 18th Decb.2008.
21. State Level Seminar on “New Emerging trends in Chemistry”, Dept. of Chemistry, Shri Shivaji college, Parbhani, 18th March 2006.
22. Regional Level Seminar on “Use of Reterosynthetic Approach in Organic synthesis” Dept. of Chemistry, Balbim Arts, Sciences & Commerce College, Beed, 26th Oct.2004.
 Life membership of “Analytical Chemistry Teachers and Research Association”.
 Life membership of “Indian Science Congress”.
1. Working as NAAC and RUSA co-ordinator Govt. College of Arts &
Science, Aurangabad from 2014 to 2019
3. Working as Director for Co-operative Society, Govt. College of Arts & Science, Aurangabad from 2009 to 2019
4. Working as a National Service Scheme (NSS), Program Officers since August 2014 to 2018.
5. Deputed as Centre Chief for UPSC & MPSC Examination,Aurangabad.
6. Worked as Centre Chief for University Examination, Dr. BabasahebAmbedkarMarathwad, University, Aurangabad.
7. Worked as Head of the Sports Departments, Govt. College of Arts & Science, Aurangabad.
8. Deputed as Chair Person by Joint Director for College Verification for Aurangabad &Dhule 2014-15.
9. Deputed as Zonal Officer by Election Commission for Loksabha and Vidhansabha, Aurangabad-2014
10. UGC, New Delhi has Awarded of “Post Doctoral Fellowship” for the year 2011-12 during Financial Year 2013-14.
11. Ph. D. Supervisor Recognized in the subject of Chemistry, GODWANA UNIVERSITY, GADACHIROLI, (MS) INDIA.
12. Ph. D. Supervisor Recognized in the subject of Chemistry, SHRI JAGDISHPRASHAD JHABARMAL TIBREWALA UNIVERSITY,RAJASTHAN, INDIA.
13. UGC, New Delhi has sectioned 75,000Rs. For Minor Research Project on the studies in “Synthesis of Venlafaxine Derivatives and Medical uses”. [File No. 47-301 /12 (WRO), Date: – 26Feb. 2013].
14. Worked as a treasure in National conference on “Present Scenario of Environmental Pollution and its effect on Living Organisms” held at Dept. of Chemistry, Govt.College of Arts & Science, Aurangabad-431001. 9th-11th Dec. 2009.
15. Worked as a Resource Person in “Applied chemistry” held at Dept. of Chemistry, Govt.College of Arts & Science, Aurangabad-431001. 28th Jan.2009.
16. UGC, New Delhi has sectioned 1, 25,000 Rs. For Minor Research Project on the studies in “Highly Regioselective synthesis of Isoxazoles, Pyrazoles and Indazoles by using DMSO-I2”. [File No. 47-546 / 08 (WRO), Date: – 15 Jan. 2009]. This project is completed in 2011
17. Ph. D. Completed from SRT University, Nanded under the guidance of Dr. Pawar R. P. entitled “New Synthesis and Antibacterial Study of some Hetrocyclic Compounds and γ-Ketoacids”Awarded Sept.2010.
18. M. Phil completed from University of Pune under the guidance of Dr. Lokhande P. D. entitled “Regioselctive Synthesis of 3, 5-diaryl pyrazole and Isoxazole, synthesis of Indazoles and α-alkyl-γ-ketoacids Awarded 16 May 2007.
Working experience in MS-Word, MS-Excel, Power Point and Chem. Draw.