About Department

Department of Forensic Science is the leading department of the Institute. The department is essentially involved with crime scene investigation (CSI), examination of questioned documents and fingerprint analysis. Moreover, the department helps other departments for forensic related examination and research in allied disciplines. The department is having world class instrumentation facilities in the field of CSI, document examination and fingerprint analysis. To name a few, VSC 6000/HS, ESDA-2, MVC 1000 and Crime-lite. Recently, the department has developed Multimedia Forensics facilities in the department which is involved in forensic speaker identification, audio, video and image authentication and enhancement of multimedia files including CCTV footage.

 The department is involved in training of police officers and officials from the state of Maharashtra in crime scene investigation and other forensic disciplines. Moreover, special training program and workshops are also organized for police personnel as per their requirements and need. Besides, the department often helps police departments by analyzing their samples for different forensic related cases and crime scene reconstruction.

The basic instrumentation includes :

  • Compound microscope (5)
  • Illuminated microscope & Hand held (8)
  • Travelling microscope (1)
  • Pathological monocular microscope (2)
  • Student microscope (4)
  • Simple microscopes (15)
  • Colorimeter (2)
  • UV cabinets (3)
  • Digital potentiometers (1)
  • Distillation assembly (1)
  • Conductivity meter (1)
  • Digital turbidometer (1)
  • Condenser (1)
  • Double distillation unit (1)
  • High speed centrifuges (1)
  • Microtome (1)

The various kits available for onsite testing are :

  • Fingerprint Development Kit
  • Fingerprint Recording Kit
  • Crime Scene Investigation Kit
  • Footprint Casting kit
  • rime-Lites
  • Evidence collection kit
  • Soil and water analysis kit
  • Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit
  • Narcotics Detection Kit
  • Explosive Detection Kit
  • Soil and Water Analysis Kit

The instruments for research specialized use include:

  • Cyanoacrylate fuming cabinet
  • ESDA
  • VSC6000/HS
  • Stereomicroscope
  • Ballistics Comparison microscope
  • Biological Comparison Microscope

part from the above mentioned facilities we are well equipped with 2 skeleton models, metal detectors, breath analysers and various educational charts and posters.