Faculty wise grant Received

Sr no Name of PI/Co-PI Role Project Title Funding Agency Sanction Date Completion year Grant Received (RS)
1 Vini Arun Kale PI Bird species identification on the basis of feather using image processing University 24-06-2019 31-01-2021 50000.00
2 Rajesh Dinesh Kumar PI Forensic identification of mobile phone through audio recordings University 24-06-2019 31-12-2020 50000.00
3 Beauty M Arora PI Effects of Psychotropic Medication on Handwriting: A Kinematic study University 24-06-2019 31-01-2021 50000.00
4 Charansing Nathusing Kayte PI Devloping Image Database for Entomological Evidance to Estimate Time Science Death in forensic Investigation University 31-01-2019 31-03-2020 35000.00
5 Shobha Kamalakar Bawiskar PI Data Recovery from Damaged Secondary Devices University 07-02-2018 03-03-2019 30000.00
6 Digamber Dharma Gaikwad PI Synthesis of Venlafaxine Derivatives and Medical uses UGC 15-03-2012 14-03-2014 7,50000.00
7 Digamber Dharma Gaikwad PI Highly regioselective synthesis of isoxazoles, pyrazoles and indazoles by using DMSO-I2 UGC 16-03-2009 15-03-2011 12,5000.00