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RUSA record keeping software for NAAC

1How to register your college on Rusa Online web portalClick Here for VideoMarathi
2IQAC (NAAC Coordinator Responsibilities)Click Here for VideoMarathi
3Registration of Head and Faculty Click Here for VideoMarathi
4Update faculty wise Records | Part 1Click Here for VideoMarathi
5Update faculty wise Records | Part 2Click Here for VideoMarathi
6Update faculty wise Records | Part 3Click Here for VideoMarathi

Create website in WordPress step by step

1How to WordPress install in local systemClick Here for VideoMarathi
2Dashboard and create new user accountClick Here for VideoMarathi
3Design and use of WordPress themesClick Here for VideoMarathi
4How to design menu bar in WordPressClick Here for VideoMarathi
5How to design sub menu bar in WordPressClick Here for VideoMarathi
6How to add plugin in WordPress pageClick Here for VideoMarathi
7How to Add a Homepage Slider in WordPressClick Here for VideoMarathi

LaTeX – Document Preparing Software

1LaTeX Tutorial for Beginners | Part 1Click Here for VideoHindi
2LaTeX Tutorial for Beginners | Part 2Click Here for VideoHindi
3LaTeX Tutorial for Beginners | Part 3Click Here for VideoHindi
4LaTeX Tutorial for Beginners | Part 4Click Here for VideoHindi
5LaTeX Tutorial for Beginners | Part 5Click Here for VideoHindi


1Covid-19 awarenessClick Here for VideoEnglish
2Why do we hear an echo?Click Here for VideoEnglish
3Fake news detectionClick Here for VideoEnglish
4CommunicationClick Here for PPTEnglish
5Stress ManagementClick Here for PPTEnglish