1. Forensic Science Department: The department has a specialized laboratory equipped with  Video Spectral Comparator hyperspectral-6000, Electrostatic Detection Apparatus, Digital Stereo microscope, Fingerprint capturing Unit, Ballistics Comparison microscope, cyanoacrylate fuming chamber, a set of nine crime lite sources, linear crime lite sources, fingerprint development kit, soil and water testing kit, breath analyzer, crime scene management kit and impression casting kit,
  1. The departmental training includes development and lifting of finger prints on various surfaces, analysis of questioned documents (including stamp papers, cheques, currency, credit and debit cards, and counterfeit coins), and analysis of ink, coins, paper, examination and identification of skeletal remains, comparison of various bullets, cartridge cases as well as fiber samples. The department is also involved in real time crime scene management and reconstruction.
  2. Forensic Biology Department:  The laboratory is equipped with sophisticated equipments like Biological comparison microscope, microtome, Thermal cycler, electrophoretic units, Gel documentation system, Bio-safety cabinet, Water purification system, high speed refrigerated centrifuge, BOD incubator, orbital incubator shaker, Deep fridge and microscopes. The training to the students includes examination of various biological fluids, serological testing, entomological, microbiological, limnological, and enzymatic studies. Isolation, amplification and identification of DNA samples from various sources. Also includes, pathogenic bacteria, fungi, plant and their toxins. Wild life Forensic science includes examination of hair, nails, feathers, skin etc.
  3. Digital and Cyber Forensic Department:   The department has Software and hardware such as Encase, USB Blocker, Winlift, mobile edit, Web blocker, oxygen forensic, paraben live investigation kit, net force, paraben device seizure, solo image, replicater, mobile check, python, drive image, drive lock Stegosuite, CDR analyzer etc. The activities of the department include retrieval of data from various storage devices, mobile phone, and analysis of Call Data Records, analysis of activities on social networking sites, email tracing and Computer systems. Phishing techniques, SQL injections, hacking techniques.
  4. Forensic Chemistry Department: Equipped with Gas chromatography, double beam UV-Visible spectrophotometer, High performance liquid chromatography, FTIR spectrophotometer,  Visual melting point apparatus, Density meter, GC-MS, Vacuum evaporator, thermal gravimetric analyzer, Flame photometer etc. The applications include examination of pesticides, toxins, explosives and their derivatives, narcotics, metals etc.  The training includes experiments to confirm adulteration of different food, edible oils, fossil fuels etc.
  5. Forensic Physics Department: Along with different basic instruments the department is equipped with Raman spectrophotometer, Radioactive measurement, densitometer, noise measurement apparatus. The department is involved in imparting training in the field of ballistics, physics, photography, noise level monitoring and trace evidence analysis (glass, paint, wire, cable, electric meter, electronic circuit).
  6. Forensic Psychology Department: The department is well equipped with various Psychological testing apparatus which includes Lie detector (polygraph), depth perception apparatus, and around 50 different psychological tests. The department conducts various tests for analysis of IQ, logical reasoning, memory, mathematical ability, thematical apperception test, behavior etc.
  7. Law Department: Two faculty members of this department impart education regarding IPC, CRPC, Indian evidence act, IT act 2000, NDPS act, drug and cosmetic act, and various legal aspects related to forensic science.