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Though the basic purpose of education is to develop the young individual successively into a responsible member of society, the purpose of higher education is to meet the need of society.

The Training & Placement Cell is aimed to groom students into a responsible member of the society who is capable to serve society according to its need.

Aim & Objectives:

To bridge the gap between students’ capability and societal requirements to increase the employability of students through continuous student monitoring from the entry-level in the institute, analysing the strength and challenges and imparting the required skill developments.

  • To understand the future goal of student
  • To recognize industrial requirements
  • To help student in redefining the goal
  • To help in self-assessment of the students
  • Guiding in overcoming the challenges of students


Unlike technical and management institutes, the career opportunity of forensic science has very few private industries associated with it and most are government organizations, except the branch of cyber forensics. Therefore, due to the unavailability of a mass placement drive a different approach is required for forensic freshers.

The job opportunities in this field can be categorized into the following.

  • Government Sectors: Forensic Labs, Investigation Agencies
  • Private Sectors: Private Labs, Insurance and Banking Sectors
  • Research and Development: Academic Positions, Research Laboratories.
  • Unexplored areas

The aim and Objectives of the TPC cannot be achieved in a short period and hence a stepwise continuous approach is required as follows.

Students’ registration:
Students admitted to the institute should register themselves with the TPC within one month of their admission.

Student profiling and mentor support:
The first line of action is to profile a student for its goal, qualities and shortcomings through various interactive sessions. Students will be formed into small groups with similar goals and will be assigned to a mentor to meet the requirements. The mentor will record the progress of the students quarterly and share it with the TPC. The Cell will organize various activities for student’s development.

Specialized support:
Once the student is thorough with basic requirements, depending upon the job preference of the students, the students will be again divided into groups of similar preferences. At this stage, career-specific guidance will be given in the final year of their course through various programmes like resume writings, mock tests, personal interviews etc.

Lifelong support:
The TPC will be responsible to help the students (now alumnae) in their professional life as and when required.

Students Responsibility:

Students must register themselves with the TPC within One Month of their admission.

Students must participate in the designated programmes organized by the TPC.

The Students must help the Mentor and TPC in providing help to them.

As the chances of On-Campus requirements are still emerging, the student should inform the TPC about the Off-campus application.

Any registered student who does not wish to attend any programme conducted by the TPC must inform in writing.

It is the responsibility of the student to check announcements/notices displayed by the TPC.

A Student can be debarred from the activities of the TPC against any misconduct.

The expense of off-campus requirements will be borne solely by the applicant and the TPC/institute is not liable for any.

Note: The Training and Placement Cell is a facilitator and does not guarantee employability. Grievances and Feedback: The TPC will be responsible to address the grievances/feedback as and when submitted by the student/the mentor/trainer.